Saturday | January 21, 2017
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‘Ho‘i Hou i ka Mole: Return to the Source’ in Hilo

The Hale Naua III Society of Maoli Arts 38th anniversary invitational show, “Ho‘i Hou i ka Mole: Return to the Source,” is underway at the East Hawaii Museum of Contemporary Art.

The invitational exhibit continues through Wednesday, April 30.

Admission to view the exhibit is free.

“With this exhibition, we intend to define the Maoli culture’s many nature elements that are closely associated with the volcano’s surroundings, they are all based in scientific source and this exhibit will display the connection,” said gallery spokeswoman Claudine Perreira.

“This is not meant to demystify, but to make the viewer aware that the ancients weren’t superstitious savages, that they were aware and intelligent of their surroundings and knowledgeable about the source of all things, poetically able to turn a word.

“The exhibit will flesh out, or better yet, diminish the flesh and restore nature’s integrity. For what are commonly thought of as ‘gods and goddesses,’ are instead manifestations in nature, given face and form by the ancient poet in order to claim kinship.”

The Hale Naua III Society of Maoli Arts has been together for 40 years, having shows in Europe, greater Polynesia, in museums and galleries throughout the U.S. mainland, and in Canada.

Artists with works included as part of the show are Natalie Mahina Jensen, Frank Tarallo Jensen, David H. Kalama, Ronald Kanakanui, Moses Kealamakia, Pam Barton, Bruce Lum Ho, Nelsen Makua, Kainoa Makua, Erik Kalani Flores, Punawai Rice and Kala Wilis.

The exhibition also features art from the students of Ke Ana La‘ahana, a Native Hawaiian charter school sponsored by Lili‘uokalani Trust.

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