Tuesday | September 27, 2016
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Hospice hosts grief workshops

For three Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m., from Jan. 8-22, Hospice of Hilo will be sponsoring “The Journey of Grief: Living with Loss,” a three-part community workshop. The workshops are free of charge and will be held at Hospice of Hilo’s Community Center located at 1011 Waianuenue Ave.

On Wednesday, the workshop’s theme will be “Understanding Grief.” According to Hospice of Hilo Community Bereavement Counselor Cathy Hough, “Grief is often an unexpected and unwelcomed emotion in our lives. Exploring the process of grief can help us understand how it affects us and others around us.”

On Jan. 15, the topic of the workshop will be “Helping Children Grieve.” According to Hospice of Hilo Children’s Bereavement Counselor Fujio Sato, “It is important for the well being of the child that adults have an understanding of how children experience grief and loss and what you as an adult can do to help them through that difficult time.”

And finally on Jan. 22, Hospice of Hilo will be showing the film “The Gift of Grief” by Nancee Sobonya. The film shares the story of seven ordinary people who have experienced remarkable loss, yet found a way to transform their grief into a greater understanding and fulfillment of life.

Call Hospice of Hilo for more information and to register for The Journey of Grief workshops, 969-1733.


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