Monday | October 23, 2017
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Life Care Center set to offer free memory checks

The Social Service Department at Life Care Center of Hilo will celebrate March as Social Work Month along with the nation.

Social workers dedicate their lives to being advocates, educators, counselors, coaches and much more to those in need. They work in hospitals, nursing facilities and schools, as well as working with issues involving mental health, geriatrics and judicial services and with children, families and the community.

In celebration of Social Work Month, the social service workers are offering memory checks the afternoon of Wednesday, March 5.

Many people in the general population become concerned about forgetfulness symptoms and quickly become anxious or depressed. This leads to social withdrawal, poor eating and sleeping habits and generally decreased activity. If a medical condition started this onslaught, then the medical condition can continue to cause deterioration in the body and forgetfulness increases, said coordinator Chris Ridley.

Ridley hopes, by offering this free and confidential memory check, elders in the community will monitor their memory just as they monitor their blood pressure and cholesterol.

Call Life Care Center to schedule a memory check. The screen takes about 15-20 minutes. The participant must sign permission for the results to be sent to his/her personal physician, as the social service staff will not interpret or reveal the results of the screen to the participant.

Call Life Care Center of Hilo’s Social Service staff at 959-9151 for your appointment.


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