Saturday | April 22, 2017
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March being observed as World Kidney Month

Hawaii will join countries around the globe and the United States to celebrate World Kidney Month during March. Events throughout the month focus on kidney disease awareness, educating those at risk about the importance of early detection and critical role kidneys play in maintaining good health.

“Most people with kidney disease are not diagnosed until late in the course of illness when there are few opportunities for prevention,” said Glen Hayashida, CEO of the National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii. “We need to alert the public to this real threat to populations here and around the world and work with policy makers to improve outcomes. Early detection makes a significant difference.”

“Recent studies estimate that one in three American adults is at risk for developing kidney disease and more than 29 million Americans and 162,000 people in Hawaii already have chronic kidney disease, which can contribute to heart disease and stroke. Kidney disease kills over 90,000 Americans every year — more than breast and prostate cancer combined,” added Hayashida.


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