Saturday | June 25, 2016
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Mermaid Festival set for March 7

The Hilo Mermaid Festival will debut Friday, March 7, at the Hilo Farmers Market on Mamo Street.

“This is an invitation for everybody to celebrate what is the ocean, all water and the mythical spirits, which are associated with water in all known times and cultures,” said spokesman Adah Glasser. “Ladies will be transformed into mermaids. There will be an exhibition and a contest of all art, poetry and music concerning mermaids, nixes, sirens and nymphs.”

Vendors are invited to sell everything pertaining to the ocean, ranging from seafood and fishing gear to jewelry and garments with patterns of sea and water life.

“We want to specially invite all nonprofit organizations engaged in protecting the ocean and all waters,” said Glasser.

This festival will be linked to the following day’s International Women’s Day observance “to point out that the element of water is traditionally regarded as a female element, just like Earth, opposed to the elements of fire and air,” said Glasser.

“The oceans are the womb water of our planet, and as nobody has not been born out of water, it is time to respect and protect this element within and without our bodies, and what it stands for — life itself.”

For more information, contact Glasser at Hilo Tobacco, 118 Kamehameha Ave. No. 3, or by calling 769-0324. You also can contact the market office at 933-1000 to reserve vendor booths.


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