Tuesday | August 30, 2016
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Salvation Army Hilo musicians are a hit

The Salvation Army recently hosted ENCORE, a music competition, on Oahu.

Vocal and instrumental soloists, Junior Singing Companies (youth choir), and timbrel groups competed against similar Salvation Army groups from around the state.

Most of the categories required the performance of the same Christian songs, ensuring each group had an equal chance to win.

The Salvation Army Hilo Temple sponsored a group of 10 youths, ages 6-12, to participate in this annual event.

Hilo’s group faithfully practiced their presentation Wednesday evenings and Sundays for about 10 weeks. The choir and timbrel (tambourine) group became disciplined, improved their musical skills, learned responsibility and grew spiritually from this experience.

For their hard work, they stayed at the Kroc Center overnight and made new friends from around the state.

The timbrel group will continue to California in June to compete at a higher level.

The Salvation Army is well known for the sounds of bells ringing at Christmas. Through public support, it is able to help the community through providing food, clothing, music programs and character-building programs for all ages.

To find a place to grow, give back and get involved, call 935-1277 or visit www.hawaii.salvationarmy.org.


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