Tuesday | June 27, 2017
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Scout, scores of friends tackle access road potholes for Eagle Project

Kawaiola Kuamoo Santa Maria, a new Eagle Scout in Troop 7, thanks all who assisted in his Eagle Project, a heavy-duty venture which involved filling and compacting potholes, and road repairs to the Mauna Loa Access Road through the Department of Land &Natural Resources, NOAA, and Mauna Loa Observatory Employees Association.

Santa Maria is president of Venturing Crew 2 and troop representative for The Order of the Arrow of Hilo in the Pukahi District, and is active as well in 4-H and Civil Air Patrol.

“The purpose for my Eagle project was to ensure safe roadways to the public,” said Santa Maria, pointing out that the road is used by “frequent travelers, hikers to the summit of Mauna Loa, bikers riding bikes down to Saddle Road, ohelo berry pickers, various movie and TV film productions, cultural, religious practices; NOAA staff workers at the Mauna Loa Observatory, climate research; NCAR staff workers for the Mauna Loa Solar Observatory, solar research; Taiwan ASIAA Amiba astronomical Observatory, astronomy; Japan-UH Observatory staff workers, astronomy; UH Institute of Astronomy staff workers, astronomy; USGS staff workers for seismometer, earthquakes and volcanic activity; Hawaii National Parks, for getting to the summit for cabin maintenance; Hawaii telephone, maintain repeater stations at MLO site and Kulani mauka; U.S. Army, maintain communications tower and equipment; Department of Land and Natural Resources, maintain state forest reserve; USGS, Hawaiian bat; and for people like me and you.”

In the process of completing his Eagle project, Santa Maria needed a flatbed truck and trailers to transport eight tons of black cold patch asphalt along with five buckets of black oil tack/tar, 25 fluorescent orange/yellow safety vests, 20 safety cones, five hand tampers, five flat shovels, five stiff brooms, two extra-large signs saying “roadwork ahead,” a first-aid response team, oxygen tanks, two gas operating compacters, three flat rakes, four pointed shovels, two push brooms, food and water to be transported to Mauna Loa Access Road.

In addition to offering a prayer of thanks, Santa Maria said he is grateful to the huge number of island residents who made it all possible, including the aforementioned entities, the Aloha Council-BSA, the Keaukaha LDS Ward ohana, teachers Aunty Bobbilyn Akoi and Aunty Maile “Boppie” Aina, Hiram Keliikoa of H2K, Douglas Awai Jr. of Awai &Sons Concrete, Aleia Awai, Darryl Kuniyuki, Logan Kuniyuki, John Barnes, Aidan Colton, Reuben Pukahi, Sue Pukahi, Howard Pe‘a, Charlene Pe‘a, Conrad Dakujaku, JoAnne Dakujaku, Jonah Dakujaku, Cassidy Dakujaku, Isaac Dakujaku, Scoutmaster Beau Mills, Keiko Mills, Kaiwi Mills, Inoke Mills, Bishop Aaron Auna, Kamuela Santa Maria, Sean Benito, Kamalani Benito, Kaimipono Benito, Shane Pe‘a, Estee Tabangcora, Greg Wagner Sr., Gail Wagner, Adrian Wagner, Kuilua Mortensen, Kahali Mortensen, Mihalani Mortensen, Aukelenui Mortensen, Alexander Tacuban, Mark Johnson, Richard Bell, Doreen Bell, Jimmy “Jeno” Enocencio, and to his own family.


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