Friday | October 21, 2016
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Special medicine-less healing weekend scheduled in Hawi

Kokolulu Farm and Retreats in Hawi will host a qigong weekend from 6:30-9 p.m. Friday, May 23, and 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, May 24-25.

The workshop will include medicine-less healing skills to help you focus the mind for optimal healing.

Space is limited to 17 participants. The charge is $245 for the classes, only.

Master Ning Jian Xiong is an internationally recognized teacher and healer who worked at the world’s largest Qigong hospital in China.

This “medicine-less” hospital, Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Clinic &Training Center, treated more than 200,000 patients with more than 185 different illnesse.

The facility was able to obtain a 95 percent effective improvement rate, said a spokesman.

Many of these people had cancer and other chronic diagnoses.

At times, Master Ning would teach to a group of as many as 6000 students at once.

To register for the weekend workshop and/or an individual session with Master Ning, call 889-9893 or visit

Proceeds benefit Kokolulu Farm and Cancer Retreats, a nonprofit organization.


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