Friday | November 24, 2017
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‘Storm troopers’ enjoy matchup in rain, mud

It was a dark and stormy day Saturday, July 19, at the Pahoa Paintball Field, as the “storm troopers” took the field for the Brion Kim Birthday Game. Tropical Storm Wali was in the neighborhood and dumping some serious rain onto the players and grass.

It was an eight-on-eight matchup, with 16 competitors taking position, as kids and adults sloshed around in the mud and pockets of rainwater, rotating in and out the two teams periodically, to even up the level of competition.

No one complained about the adverse conditions, said coordinator Charlie Kawamoto, “whenever anyone said ‘game on,’ they all raced onto the field. That’s why we called them the ‘storm troopers.’”

For more information about paintball activities of the Hawaiian Blend Paintball Team, call Kawamoto at 965-8172.


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