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Let’s Talk Food: Pai‘i‘ai, freshly pounded taro

As we begin our annual Merrie Monarch festivities, it is important to remember that our Hawaiian ancestors pounded pa‘i‘ai from the taro they raised. Pa‘i‘ai lasts for months, so left in a gourd, it was the mainstay for those sailing for months in canoes. Fish caught was eaten with the pa‘i‘ai and they were able to survive the many months at sea.

Boston preps for wave of marathon visitors

BOSTON — With an expanded field of runners and the memory of last year’s bombings elevating interest in one of the world’s great races, the 2014 Boston Marathon could bring an unprecedented wave of visitors and an influx of tourism dollars to the area.

Things people never say in hospice

Four years of my professional life were spent working in hospice. Director of bereavement and pastoral care. Simply put, four of the best years of my life. Creative, energizing and a daily learning curve. A downer? Absolutely not! Quite the opposite. More hopeful, inspirational, meaningful.

The yin and yang of spring both infuse decor

The yin and yang of spring make it such an interesting season. After the cooler isle airs of winter, even a gloomy spring day can lift our spirits with warmer breezes and an emerging palette of delicate hues — those first tinges of new greens, a fuzzy gray bud, a brushstroke of crocus blue. Then, as the season really plants its feet, fresh bright color starts popping up all over.

Let’s Talk Food: Today is Fat Tuesday

Today is Fat Tuesday, and if you read last week’s “Let’s Talk Food,” you would have made some malasadas this morning. I will never forget what Jimmy Souza used to say on Fat Tuesdays. His wife Janet is Japanese so he would always say that her malasada has an “ume.” Ume is a Japanese pickled plum that is sometimes found in the middle of a musubi.