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Garden Guy: Monstera fruit is edible and delicious

Y our columns are always full of interesting, useful topics to those of us living here, whether gardeners or not. Here is our contribution: few people have any idea that the fruit of the monstera is edible and delicious! It’s almost a weed where we live, in Hawaiian Paradise Park, and it’s on every street. Granted, knowing when to pick it and how to cut it off the cob is a bit tricky, but we’re betting you could easily explain this to your readers. Two of your dedicated readers, R. &N.B.

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LET’S TALK FOOD: Farro, the ancient grain

Did you know farro, or emmer wheat, is the oldest cultivated grain in the world? Eaten for more than 5,000 years and the grain of the Roman Empire, it is too bad it was replaced by its distant cousin, wheat. It is still a popular grain in Italy, areas in Europe and the Middle East.