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A Foodie in Walla Walla Washington

Walla Walla, Washington, is known for its sweet onions and great wines. We drove from Portland, Ore., and picked up Bob and Christine at the Walla Walla Airport. Harold, Yoshie, Tommy and Wendy were also at the airport but somehow, their GPS took them to the corn and wheat fields of Walla Walla and they finally showed up an hour or so later to our home for the next few days, Cameo Heights Mansion in Touchet. And here I thought they started to drink Washington wines without us!

HELCO contributes $25K for Iselle relief

Hawaii Electric Light Company, Hawaiian Electric and Maui Electric collectively contributed $25,000 to the Hawaii Island United Way. In addition, contributions from employees of the three utilities will be matched by the Hawaiian Electric Industries Charitable Foundation, up to a total of $10,000.

About the listeria scare

I am an advocate for local produce, but love my drupes, or stone fruits, which, unfortunately, do not grow well in Hawaii. During our summer months, these pitted fruits are available at the markets in abundance. After going to the Farmers Market in Portland, Ore., I know those farmers work hard at earning a living. They have to care for the trees all year long and then pick fruits from June until September.