Friday | November 27, 2015
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Kauai council considers cat license bill

LIHUE, Kauai (AP) — Kauai is considering requiring cat owners to license their pets as part of an attempt to control problems with feral felines.

The county bill would also require owners who allow their cats to roam free to spay or neuter the animals.

“Cat licensing is a way to control the population of cats, because it’s tied to neutering — an uncontrolled population of cats is a public health, environmental and community concern,” said councilwoman JoAnn Yukimura, who introduced the bill last week.

A draft of the bill sets license fees at $10 for spayed or neutered cats and $30 for unsterilized cats.

The bill sets fines for cat owners who allow cats older than 4 months old to roam free without being sterilized.

Officials said owners who keep their cats confined would not be required to have their pet sterilized.


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