Be safe while celebrating

Fire Chief Darren Rosario reminds the public it is illegal for anyone to:

l Remove the powder or pyrotechnic contents from any firework.

l Throw fireworks from, at, or into any vehicle.

l Set off any fireworks: At any time not within the specified time periods; within 1,000 feet of any hospital, convalescent home, care home for the elderly, zoo, animal hospital or shelter, or church when services are happening; on any school property without authorization from the said school official; on any Public way such as a highway, alley, street, sidewalk or park.

l Offer for sale, sell or give any fireworks to minors, or for any minor to possess, purchase, sell or set off, ignite, or otherwise cause to explode any fireworks, except under the immediate supervision of an adult.

l Set off any aerial luminary devices, commonly called Sky Lanterns or Hawaii Lanterns; or any other aerial devices, such as bottle rockets, sky rockets, Roman candles, cakes, mortars or shells.

The Hawaii Fire Department also asks the public for its help to prevent fires, and also to avoid the unnecessary injuries caused by fireworks each year. You can help by:

l Using extreme care when setting off fireworks. Children playing with fireworks should be under an adult’s close supervision at all times. Even the smallest of fireworks can cause severe injuries that will quickly ruin the holidays.

l Fireworks should be set off in an area well away from dry grass or flammable materials.

l Be sure fireworks are completely extinguished before they are disposed.

l And most importantly, have a fire extinguisher and/ or a water hose ready to use in the event of an unplanned or unexpected fire. Be sure the water hose(s) can reach all areas where fireworks activities are being conducted, especially around the entire house. It’s also a great idea to wet down any dry, grassy area before and after setting off fireworks. Doing it before will also let you know the capability of your water source.

For more information on the purchasing of fireworks permits, or the use of fireworks, call the Fire Prevention Bureau at 932-2912 in Hilo or 323-4760 in Kona.


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