Friday | December 09, 2016
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Sunny days are here again: East Hawaii dries out, but some rain expected later this week

Hilo native Robert Agcalon visited Onekahakaha Beach Park on Tuesday with five generations of his family.

The former Big Island resident currently lives in Eugene, Ore., and said it’s the sunny weather and time with his ohana near the ocean that calls him back to his beloved home.

“I was here yesterday, we’re here today, and we’ll be back tomorrow,” he said with a smile while watching his 4-year-old son, Roger, swim with his cousins.

“He’s been out in that water since 11 a.m.,” he said.

Agcalon is among many in East Hawaii who have had some fun in the sun during a streak of pleasant weather.

The forecasted high for Tuesday was 81, according to the National Weather Service. NWS hydrologist Kevin Kodama said the warm weather came after trade winds died down, and some scattered showers are expected during the latter part of this week.

“Some rain should be expected now through Thursday,” he said. “Trades are going to weaken again as the frontal system approaches northwest, stalls, and brings back conditions to last week. Not going to see too much rain next week.”

Kodama said showers are likely in the early morning and nighttime this week.

“Daytime might be all right. Get into the weekend, and things will dry out again,” he said.

Kodama said Hilo saw 3.7 inches of rain May 1, and hasn’t seen much rain since May 3.

Despite the dry spell, Kodama said May’s rainfall totals are still high.

“Right now, we’re above normal for this month,” he said.

There’s a total of 4.15 inches so far recorded for May, with 3.68 being the norm for the month, he said.

As for Mauna Kea, Ryan Lyman, forecast meteorologist for the Mauna Kea Weather Center, said the mountain has been dry and visibility has been premo for observing conditions.

“I think it’ll be relatively dry and quiet. Once the trades come back, we’ll see rain again,” he said.

Although Agcalon plans to spend the rest of his time in Hilo at the beach before heading back to the mainland, he said any expected showers won’t rain on his parade.

“I’m a Hilo boy. I know it’s going to rain,” he said. “I don’t care. I welcome it.”

According to the NWS, today’s forecast includes a high of 82 degrees, with scattered showers, mainly after noon and winds of 5-8 mph becoming easterly this morning. The chance of precipitation is 30 percent. Tonight, it’ll be mostly cloudy with a low close to 66.

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