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Officials: No hit-and-run

Hawaii County police and fire officials were in agreement Monday that a bicyclist apparently struck and killed by an on-duty police officer early Sunday morning was not involved in a hit-and-run.

Celebrating Girls’ Day

Today is “Hinamatsuri” or Girls’ Day. It is the third day of the third month and is also called Doll’s Day in Japan. Parents and grandparents of newborn girls buy special dolls that are displayed on shelves from the end of February till today. These dolls are special dolls that are handed down from generation to generation and are not to be played with, but are packed away, only to be displayed again at the same time the following year, in time for Girls’ Day.

Police arrest cop in fatal collision

A 63-year-old Michigan man was killed Sunday after allegedly being struck by an on-duty Hawaii Police Department officer in what the Hawaii County Fire Department described as a hit-and-run incident on Waikoloa Road in South Kohala.