Wednesday | January 18, 2017
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Husband, wife in 80s scare off would-be robber

MILTON, Wash. (AP) — A Washington state couple in their 80s said they managed to spook a would-be robber who burst into their home shortly after they returned from a Tacoma casino where they won $500.

Jim and Betty Lilja of Milton told a local TV station they wonder whether they were followed home.

They said a man in his 20s barged into their home the night of May 23 with his hand in his pocket.

He demanded their money and threatened to shoot. Jim Lilja said he told the intruder he was 85 years old, so “if you want to shoot, go ahead and shoot.”

When the intruder left them alone in the living room to search the bedroom, the couple ran outside, and Jim Lilja decided to push the alarm button on his car key.

That sent the robber racing out of the house and into a waiting car — without the couple’s cash.

Milton police are investigating.


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