Sunday | June 26, 2016
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Honolulu gets OK to fill empty garage

HONOLULU (AP) — Honolulu reached an agreement with the federal government to allow city employees to park in a garage that has been largely empty.

The garage has sat mostly empty since 2012 because of a stipulation it be used for transit and traffic-related purposes. It was meant for a $100 million Joint Traffic Management Center that won’t be fully completed until 2016. Meanwhile, city employees who work in the area have to pay to park about a half-mile away, and there’s a long waiting list to park at the civic center.

The Federal Transit Administration is giving Honolulu permission to allow city employees who don’t have transit-related jobs to park there at least until the traffic management center is completed, according to another media outlet.

The city will be able to generate about $240,000 a year for 299 stalls, beginning Jan. 16. One hundred and one stalls would remain reserved for transit-related employees.

“Hopefully, we’ll fill it up,” said Mark Formby, the city transportation services director. Those who were on the waiting list to park at the civic center the longest will have first priority, he said.

“And as long as they are city employees, and the money goes to the bus fund, FTA has approved it,” Formby said.


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