Wednesday | December 13, 2017
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Invasive lizard captured at military base

HONOLULU (AP) — The Hawaii Department of Agriculture recently captured an unwanted arrival.

Department personnel Friday caught an 18-inch Malayan water monitor lizard at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.

Hawaii Air National Guard personnel first reported seeing the lizard running around a maintenance shop near the airfield a day before it was captured.

Officials said the lizard could have reached Hawaii with containerized equipment shipped from Malaysia.

The reptiles are native to India, China, Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and New Guinea. They live near water in tropical areas and can grow to 10 feet long and more than 100 pounds.

They typically eat crab, mollusks, fish, snakes, turtles, birds, frogs, lizards, rodents, eggs, monkeys, small deer and carrion.

In Hawaii, they would threaten native and ground-nesting birds.


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