Friday | May 22, 2015
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Maui liquor commissioner sues county

WAILUKU, Maui (AP) — A Maui county liquor commissioner is suing the county, claiming he’s being pressured to stop working on a Facebook page that includes posts about traffic and other news on the island.

Neldon Mamuad filed a lawsuit in federal court earlier this month alleging the county is violating his First Amendment rights. The lawsuit says Mamuad is one of the administrators of the “MAUIWatch” page. The lawsuit claims Mamuad is being pressured to take down the page and that he has been told it constitutes harassment and cyberbullying.

A County Council committee recommended allotting $50,000 to hire legal counsel to defend against the lawsuit. Councilman Don Guzman recused himself because Mamuad is his part-time executive assistant and godfather to his youngest child.

County Corporation Counsel Patrick Wong told Council members the county never told Mamuad to take down the page.

The lawsuit seeks a federal court order prohibiting Maui County from interfering with Mamuad’s right to speak freely.


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