Thursday | August 17, 2017
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State to attack Oahu little fire ant infestation

HONOLULU (AP) — State officials plan to attack a little fire ant infestation on Oahu with pesticide baits beginning this month.

The state Department of Agriculture said Friday a survey of than 50 acres in Waimanalo found an infestation on state land and mulch areas outside nurseries.

The infested area is about 3 1/2 acres. Officials will treat about 6 acres, including a buffer zone.

Little fire ants are native to South America.

They can inflict painful stings and large red welts on people and cause blindness in pets. They can build up very large colonies on the ground and in trees and completely overrun a property.

The ants have been on Hawaii Island since 1999. They were spotted on Oahu and Maui in December.


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