Friday | July 29, 2016
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N. Korea: US has crossed red line, relations on war footing

Jul 29 2016 - 12:05am || Comments

PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — North Korea’s top diplomat for U.S. affairs told The Associated Press on Thursday that Washington “crossed the red line” and effectively declared war by putting leader Kim Jong Un on its list of sanctioned individuals, and said a vicious showdown could erupt if the U.S. and South Korea hold annual war games as planned next month.

  • | Posted: Apr 27 2016 - 1:30am

    SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea’s president said Tuesday that North Korea has almost completed preparations for a fifth nuclear test, and the country has reportedly placed a new midrange missile on standby for an impending launch.

  • | Posted: Apr 26 2016 - 1:30am

    SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea said Sunday that it successfully test-fired a ballistic missile from a submarine and warned of its growing ability to cut down its enemies with a “dagger of destruction.” South Korea couldn’t immediately confirm the claim of success in what marks Pyongyang’s latest effort to expand its military might in face of pressure by its neighbors and Washington.

  • | Posted: Apr 26 2016 - 1:30am

    GUBAREVICHI, Belarus — On the edge of Belarus’ Chernobyl exclusion zone, down the road from the signs warning “Stop! Radiation,” a dairy farmer offers his visitors a glass of freshly drawn milk. Associated Press reporters politely decline the drink but pass on a bottled sample to a laboratory, which confirms it contains levels of a radioactive isotope at levels 10 times higher than the nation’s food safety limits.

  • | Posted: Apr 25 2016 - 1:30am

    HEBRON, West Bank (AP) — A 12-year-old Palestinian girl, imprisoned by Israel after she confessed to planning a stabbing attack on Israelis in a West Bank settlement, returned home Sunday after she was freed early following an appeal.

  • Posted: Apr 24 2016 - 1:30am

    NEW DELHI (AP) — A university professor on his way to work in northwestern Bangladesh was hacked to death Saturday in an attack similar to other killings by suspected Muslim militants, police said.

  • | Posted: Apr 24 2016 - 1:30am

    BERLIN (AP) — When President Barack Obama opens the world’s largest industrial fair in the northern German city of Hannover on Sunday, he’ll be leading a delegation of American companies hoping to conquer new markets abroad. He’ll also be trying to complete one of his presidency’s main pieces of unfinished business — a trans-Atlantic trade pact.

  • | Posted: Apr 24 2016 - 1:30am

    NEW YORK (AP) — North Korea’s foreign minister said Saturday in an interview with The Associated Press that his country is ready to halt its nuclear tests if the United States suspends its annual military exercises with South Korea.

  • | Posted: Apr 23 2016 - 1:30am

    LONDON (AP) — President Barack Obama plunged into a whirlwind of royal socializing Friday that began over a birthday lunch with Queen Elizabeth II and ended at a dinner hosted by the trio of young royals who represent the future of the British monarchy.

  • | Posted: Apr 22 2016 - 1:30am

    WINDSOR, England — Fate unexpectedly made her queen. Duty and endurance have made her an institution and an icon.

  • | Posted: Apr 21 2016 - 1:30am

    MANTA, Ecuador — A fresh tremor rattled Ecuador before dawn Wednesday, a magnitude-6.1 jolt that set babies crying and shaken residents pouring once again into the streets, fearful of yet more damage following a monster earthquake over the weekend.

  • | Posted: Apr 20 2016 - 1:30am

    MINAMIASO, Japan — Searchers digging in a mountainous area of southern Japan where twin earthquakes triggered landslides found another body Tuesday, raising the likely death toll to 45.

  • | Posted: Apr 20 2016 - 1:30am

    GENEVA — Syria’s top opposition leader vowed to fight “even with stones” to depose President Bashar Assad, shifting sharply to a tone of conflict over conciliation as peace talks in Geneva teetered near collapse Tuesday amid a new surge in fighting — including government airstrikes that left dozens dead.

  • Posted: Apr 20 2016 - 1:30am

    Earth’s hot streak continues for a record 11 months

  • | Posted: Apr 20 2016 - 1:30am

    KABUL, Afghanistan — A week after proclaiming their spring offensive, Taliban militants stormed an Afghan government security agency with a suicide car bomb and gunfire Tuesday, killing 28 people and wounding hundreds in a sign of the insurgency’s continued strength — even in the capital.

  • | Posted: Apr 19 2016 - 1:30am

    MANTA, Ecuador — Rescuers in Ecuador pulled three people out alive on Monday after being trapped for more than 32 hours in the rubble of a shopping center that was flattened by this weekend’s powerful earthquake.