Friday | October 21, 2016
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Your Views for December 26

2013 was ‘a mess’

Upon reflection, it seems to me that 2013 was a mess for our state and for the nation.

Here’s wishing our great nation sees better days in 2014 — despite the politicians determined to do the opposite.

A. Yamamoto


Thanks, police

Tribune-Herald’s article, “Officers punished” (Dec. 21, Tribune-Herald), brought to mind the job that faces police officers daily.

Having a son being a peace officer for close to 30 years (who was a recipient of a heroic medal from the state of California a few months ago), I have seen the stress that he has carried over the years.

To be able to control emotions while doing their work is so tough that it is hard to define the fine line between serving and being abusive during certain incidents. It is a thankless job that most of us law-abiding citizens take for granted.

There is no doubt that a few of “our finest” may have difficulty knowing where that fine line is, and I applaud them for trying to do their job!

To all the other peace officers: I applaud you for your commitment to uphold the law, putting your lives at risk for the protection of us all.

Where would we be knowing there is no one protecting us?

Carmine Spada


Time to go

Throw the bums out. No, really. Let’s do it this time.

I’m referring to the upcoming election cycle, which already is upon us. Next year, the governor’s seat, County Council and a big U.S. Senate seat are up for grabs. You’re going to hear about it for months. It won’t “taste like chicken,” it will taste like bile.

Why? Because the same old candidates will be back, begging for your vote. But remember how things are going. Remember what went wrong in 2013, and use that in the booth.

God help us all if we don’t start throwing the bums out of office, in favor of people who actually care about this county.

Tony Johns


Got aloha?

We have had to see the unhappy union workers holding their large “GOT ALOHA?” sign by the Walgreens store in Hilo for two years now. Come on guys — get over it!

Certainly, many of us have had grievances with employers and contractors, but we don’t make the residents of and visitors to Hilo visually see us flaunting our unhappiness on street corners for years. Think of all the time you’ve spent standing there; then think about what all those man-hours could have done to benefit Hilo in some way.

Give us a break. Get over it. Move on. Show that you have aloha for us.

Mel Holden



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