Wednesday | November 22, 2017
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Your Views for December 28

GMO debate

On Friday, Dec. 13, two different and opposing letters supporting the agendas and opinions of both sides of the GMO debate were on display for all to read and scrutinize.

The anti-genetic manipulation letter is first up to the plate. Are we losing touch for the protection of nature? Are we ignorant of biology, ecology and the impacts to our physiology? Do many of our short-term solutions create long-term problems? The answer is yes. Has this anything to do with genetic modification? In the immediate sense the answer is no. Human assaults on nature are older than the science in question. Although the subjects are related, any author should recognize the finite amount of space associated with these letters and act accordingly by staying on track.

Next we have the second letter, that of pro-GMO use in farming. This author simply attacked the opposition’s opinions, speaking of a lack of proof while providing no real evidence — even going so far as to make an offensive on organic farming itself, as if these methods are a new development and not the foundation for agriculture since it’s conception.

Just as much as we should avoid the static nature of the former, the lack of prudence in the latter should be viewed as having more immediate consequences. This subject, and the potential benefits and detriment, must be taken more seriously. Maybe enforcing our conclusive decision on the rest of the world wouldn’t be too terrible, either.

Galen Larson


Not your business

Society brings us up to think that we can “be ourselves,” but really that’s not how it is. They say we should “express ourselves” in our own way. But, again, how do we do that? What if the only way we can do that is through our sexual orientation?

I saw a post on Tumblr. A teacher asked his students to write on a piece of paper what they wanted to be when they grow up. One student wrote, “Happy,” and his teacher told him he didn’t understand the assignment. But maybe the teacher didn’t understand life.

We are often told to do what makes us happy. How are we supposed to be happy if we are discriminated against for what and who we like?

Same-sex marriage was illegal. It is now legal in 15 states, Hawaii being the 15th state. Homosexuals don’t do anything harmful to us, so we shouldn’t have any problem.

Yes, some people believe that it is gross, and some say it is not right because the Bible never brought up homosexuals. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion, but most people against homosexuality are against it because of their religion. Taking away people’s rights to marry the same sex is just like disobeying the law. I’m sure that if we keep religion out of this topic, less people will be against it.

I think the solution to this is we should all mind our own business. We can’t change the opinion of every person who doesn’t accept homosexuals.

Nahea Marks



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