Tuesday | August 22, 2017
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Your Views for January 18

Hamakua concerns

The first concern I have, is that with all the recent chatter about invasive species, no one mentioned thousands of acres of eucalyptus trees are going to seed.

I have seen seedlings and saplings coming up along the road and in nearby pastures. This is a heads-up to ranchers and property owners who might not want to wake up to their own eucalyptus plantation.

My other concern is the newly paved Saddle Road. Before, it used to carry about 200 cars a day. Now, it is more like 3,000 cars every day.

It’s a convenient connection between the island’s two largest cities. Please keep in mind it created a quietness and loss of commerce along the Hamakua Coast, Waimea and possibly Waikoloa.

Please consider changing your route sometimes. Enjoy the lovely drive, and support the businesses along the way!

Edie Bikle


Regarding taxes

I can certainly understand our mayor’s position on proposing an increase in the GET or levying a “surcharge,” considering the need for funding our infrastructure.

However, I cannot help but note in the accompanying article, “2014 session begins today” (Tribune-Herald, Jan. 16), wherein under the title of “Budget” our governor touts, “We have a surplus of 844 million.” I am reasonably certain he will use that as a campaign ad in his upcoming re-election bid.

My question is: Where did this so-called surplus come from? There are, in my opinion, three possible answers.

1. Oahu’s infrastructure is suffering like ours here on the Island of Hawaii because of lack of funding.

2. We are already overtaxed!

3. Our state legislators’ theft of Transient Accommodation Tax, or TAT, as it is commonly known.

Now, I would choose the latter even though our mayor has the good grace not to call it “theft.” However, I personally do not share his grace; instead, I call it as I see it!

You, my fellow citizens, draw your own conclusions.

Ron Baptista

Mountain View


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