Saturday | November 18, 2017
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Your Views for January 5

They are all ‘dirty’

I totally agree and support (it had to happen sometime) the mayor’s “either county employee or vendor, but not both” ethic’s initiative. It’s simple, clear and to the point (a rarity in politics). What’s not to like in an idea to curb corruption, collusion, payoffs, insider dealing and keep county government clean and fair?

Apparently, the laughably named Board of Ethics and the gutless County Council gave into (as so politely put by the Tribune-Herald) “pressure” and refused to endorse it. Pressure from whom? From their financial backers, of course — the very ones who are involved in the above practices of ripping the county off. Remember the bulldozer scam? Case in point.

The mayor says its not aimed at “one particular person.” That’s the problem. If it was just one member or person, the others could vote for it. But they’re all dirty.

The council was so gutless they never brought it to a vote, so they didn’t have to explain why they voted as against clean government. Their motto: “Ethics? We don’t need no stinking ethics! SHOW ME THE MONEY!”

The mayor should bring this up again and challenge the council to publicly explain why a bill to clean up county government is a bad idea. I, for one, would love to hear that line of hypocritical nonsense. Maybe, to simplify things, instead of an explanation they could just wear shirts that say “I AM ON THE TAKE. BUY ME!” Or, “POLITICIAN FOR SALE, SEE ABOVE.”

William Wade

Kehena Beach

Slow down

I am puzzled by the complaints about speed-limit enforcement on the new Saddle Road. What part of “speed limit” is hard to understand?

Staying at or under a stated speed is not exactly a new concept. Why do drivers need to be educated to follow the speed limit on Saddle Road? Is there something about that road which makes it hard to understand that 55 means 55 and not 65, 70 or more?

The idea that drivers will be more likely to follow the speed limit if they see a lot of blue lights is also flawed. The idea is to get people to follow the law, even when there isn’t a cop around. Getting a very expensive traffic ticket when I didn’t know a police officer was watching is more likely to change my behavior than seeing a blue light on a car parked by the side of the road.

Get used to it: Driving over 55 miles per hour is illegal on Saddle Road and everywhere else on this island. The new Saddle Road is beautiful. Slow down and enjoy the view.

Dan Lindsay


We need TMT

Regarding the “TMT challenge” in the Tuesday, Dec. 10, edition of the Tribune-Herald: Native Hawaiians contend that Mauna Kea’s sacredness is due to its being the “bond” between the earth and the heavens and the realm where the gods and humanity reside. In this respect, it is the “piko,” meaning the umbilical link between the sky and the earth.

I would like to remind the president of the Mauna Kea Anaina Hou, Kealoha Pisicotta, that this view is not shared by billions of people across the globe who might not even be aware of the existence of Mauna Kea itself. And those in our own state and the rest of the nation who would like to see this unique telescope built as soon as possible, as well as those who have co-sponsored the project in Canada, China, India and Japan, would surely like for you and your supporters to stop wasting time and hindering this magnificent project from moving forward.

Hopefully, the recent argument before Hilo Circuit Judge Greg Nakamura would be the last stumbling block saving us from additional wasting of precious resources, including irreplaceable time.

I forgot to mention that the Thirty Meter Telescope is a $1.3 billion project with which our county and state is being blessed — a blessing that will continue in both spiritual and material gains long after the project is completed.

Abraham Sadegh



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