Tuesday | April 28, 2015
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Your Views for February 1

Private roads aid

Russell Ruderman recently introduced Senate Bill 382 (www.capitol.hawaii.gov/session2013/Bills/SB382_.pdf) to clarify that fuel tax revenue can be used for the maintenance of “private” roads on the Big Island. County officials are presently using the lack of such language to deny County involvement in the maintenance of “private” roads that are open for public use. It’s time for the County to stop using the law as an excuse.

Because Mr. Ruderman used of the word “may” instead of “shall” in the proposed change to the law, the allocation of money for road maintenance remains at the county’s discretion. This is good and appropriate.

If this clarification to existing law is approved (as it should be), I suggest the county places priority on the maintenance and connectivity of “private” roads designated alternate evacuation routes. This should keep them busy and provide a good excuse for not maintaining other “private” roads for many years to come.

Hopefully the county won’t just say that “private” roads must be brought up to county standards before they will spend money to maintain them — continuing business as usual.

Fred Fogel


Taking the torch

It is with my deepest sympathy that one of my best friends, mentor and running coach, Wayne “Big Dog” Joseph, passed away on Jan. 22.

My name is Joe Wedemann. In addition to being an avid runner, a close friend to Wayne and his family, I have been the Finish Line Director of the Hilo Marathon for the past seven years.

About a month ago, my brother Bob Wedeman and I started meeting with Wayne to help him as his health took a turn for the worst. Fortunately, we were able to get the ball rolling with coordinating this year’s marathon.

Wayne has done an incredible job building this awesome community event.

I wanted to assure everyone that all of Wayne’s forward momentum will continue. The race will go on with your help.

We are committed to doing the best we can for our friends here in our community and for all of our running friends visiting from abroad.

I know this will not be an easy task, so I ask for your patience through this difficult time.

Joe Wedemann

Acting Race Director

Big Island International Marathon Association


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