Thursday | July 28, 2016
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Your Views for June 21

God and America

Thank you for publishing a most interesting viewpoint of professors Shaffer and Strobel (“Spymaster of Heaven,” Tribune-Herald, June 20).

I hardly know where to begin to point out the ironies of their position, which is, in a nutshell, that citizens should no more object to snooping by government agents than they do to the omniscience of God. The good professors seem appalled that people would trust God but not the government.

Well, of course we trust God! Just look on any article of currency, coin or bill. It says right there, in plain English, “In God We Trust.” Our system of government is founded on that basic principle, as well as on the notion that we must be continuously wary of a government that over-reaches the powers granted to it by the consent of the governed (us).

God, the creator of all things, is by popular notion a loving and merciful being. We not only do not object to His omniscience, we place ourselves in His loving care, because while He is not pleased by our sins, God wants only to lead us on a better path to light and truth. Compare that to government agents, who seek to discover our offenses in order to punish and control us.

Finally, consider that, while God created all of us, we actually created the government. It says so right in the U.S. Constitution. We, as good citizens, protective of our God-given rights, should be spying on the government in order to keep it “honest,” not vice versa. If you as a citizen do not understand these basic distinctions, you should read more in-depth history on the founding of the American republic!

Curtis Beck


Maki a hero

After reading the June 13 article, “Family rescued from ocean in Pololu Valley,” I hope everyone realizes that the Big Island’s own Jeff Maki is a world-class hero.

This off-duty firefighter rescued five people from drowning through his heroic efforts. Thanks also to Kelly Hoyle and other helpers on shore, and the wisdom of Mike Varney who is installing rescue tubes on many beaches statewide.

Hawaii may well be the drowning capitol of the world. These rescue tubes should be installed on every beach!

Kudos to Shirley De Rego, of the Alex and Duke De Rego Foundation, for promoting these rescue tubes, which helped save the life of this family of five.

Let’s all recognize these local heroes, especially Jeff Maki, and honor him for his amazing, heroic life-saving effort.

Russell Ruderman



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