Monday | May 02, 2016
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Your Views for October 6

Let admin fix it

My name is Tracey Imper, and I am currently the chairperson for the University of Hawaii Student Caucus. On Sept. 29, the University of Hawaii Student Caucus voted and passed the following statement pertaining to the events of the Stevie Wonder concert.

“As the University of Hawaii Student Caucus, student representatives of the University of Hawaii System, we support our administration in its effort to redress the particular issue regarding financial policies and procedures for the Stevie Wonder concert. We recognize that the University of Hawaii has made mistakes with respect to this matter. The University of Hawaii administration has promised to conduct a thorough investigation and follow the proper financial accountability procedures in the future. Therefore, the University of Hawaii administration should be given the time and opportunity to fulfill its obligation to resolve this issue.”

Tracey L. Imper

Chairperson, University of Hawaii Student Caucus

More studies?

There is much political posturing about possible health hazards of the geothermal plant, spearheaded by our county’s leading rabble-rouser, Dominic Yagong. A push is being made to undertake a “health study to study ‘potential’ health impacts of the geothermal plant.”

The possible toxic emissions from the geothermal unit are infinitesimal compared to the tons of known toxic emissions from Kilauea volcano. Both are located in the district of Puna. Assuming that such an insane study is carried out, how are we to know that potential adverse health impacts are a direct result of emissions from Puna Geothermal Venture and not from Kilauea volcano?

Besides, whatever happened to Bob Herkes’ controversial “vog committee” that was supposedly charged with studying these matters? Does any taxpayer know?

Pradeepta Chowdhury


Pile o’ metal

I read in the Hawaii Tribune-Herald that the University of Hawaii at Hilo spent $700,000 on a statue. That is a poor way to spend that money. Why make just that one artist rich, when you can do so much for the students and their education with $700,000?

They could have bought more computers, hired more teachers, have more classes available, or even renovated dorms. There are many examples of ways to better use those funds that would benefit the students. I am just puzzled: Why spend all that money on something that has no significant impact, other than being a large pile of metal?

Cody Baptista


Thanks, HTH

I would like to thank the Hawaii Tribune-Herald for donating newspapers to my class. I am currently taking an Urban Community class, and we use the newspaper every class. It is awesome that the Tribune-Herald does this. Thank you so much again for this opportunity.

Ashley Demello



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