Tuesday | September 27, 2016
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Your Views for April 10

Siren woes

So, in the last few months, Civil Defense has treated us to a false negative (sirens didn’t sound when there was a tsunami alert in October of last year), and now a false positive (sirens sounded when there was no alert).

It’s hard to imagine a more ongoing demonstration of incompetence. Mr. Mayor Billy Kenoi: Is competence any part of the criteria for county employment?

Paul Booth


Praise for drivers

I have had the opportunity to ride the Hele-On bus for the last four months, approximately two round-trips per week.

I have taken the Keaukaha route and generally sit in front by the driver.

The drivers have been friendly, well-mannered and patient with those that need help and appear professional in their appearance.

On Saturday, when it can be especially busy, you will ride with Blair. What a great employee. He is always kind and friendly and represents the aloha spirit to all who ride.

I believe this route (Keaukaha) is a critical route because of the diverse ridership; you have to have drivers who are pleasant and patient (you have that). They represent the town of Hilo and the county of Hawaii.

As a community, you would want your image to represent friendliness — you have that. Whether you ride the bus to work, to shop or school, or you’re a visitor from the ships, the goal should be that everyone has a positive experience.

The riders of the Hele-On should be grateful for the attractive cost. The county has given a very economical benefit of only $1 for ridership. In many communities, it is double.

I am grateful to the County of Hawaii for their bus system and especially to the drivers, who have always represented Hawaii positively.

Judy De Cleene


We have the talent

Playing in the 56th annual Haili Invitational Volleyball Tournament this year was an enjoyable experience. What made it so interesting was the team I played with.

I played with the University of Hawaii at Hilo Volleyball Club. Students came together from UH-Hilo and the Hawaii Community College.

We started practicing a month before the tournament began. As a team playing for the first time, to represent UH-Hilo and HawCC, we were shocked that we made it to the championship game in the A division.

The Haili tournament is the most well-respected, exciting and anticipated volleyball tournament in the state, and for us to make it to the championship game was an eye-opener to everyone.

Knowing that we made it to the championship game proves that UH-Hilo should make a men’s volleyball team. Even if they just use Hawaii residents, UH-Hilo could really compete with other Division II college volleyball teams.

We have volleyball talent here in our community that could benefit our UH-Hilo athletic program.

L.J. Inocencio



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