Wednesday | February 10, 2016
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Your Views for April 13

Low helicopters

Today (Sunday, April 7, at 9:30 a.m.): Helicopter No. N500PH was observed and photographed flying low and circling in our neighborhood. This is a public nuisance and will be reported to the Federal Aviation Administration, as well as our congressional representative.

I have been videotaping as well as photographing these obnoxious pests.

If this is of concern to you and you would like to join forces in an effort to limit the amount of noise (and pollution), please write a letter to the editor and make your voice heard. We can make a difference.

Peter Goosev


Mahalo, community

The major renovations of the Waiakea Recreation Center has been completed, and with the final touches being done by various club volunteers, we will be opening on April 27.

On behalf of myself and the clubs/individuals of the Waiakea Recreation Center, we would like to say “much mahalo” to the Piihonua Gym staff and patrons for your patience and understanding of the use of your facility.

A big mahalo also goes out to the county for finding the funding and working with the contractors in completing the much-needed renovations.

It has been a long wait but well worth it. The end result is a martial arts facility that we are very proud of.

John Kushi

Waiakea Recreation Center

A bad idea

This is an open letter to Sen. Russel Ruderman and the state Department of Transportation: What makes you think that changing the speed limit (on Highway 130) will help?

I feel that when 45 is posted, 55 is the norm. When 55 is posted, 65 is the norm. We do not have enough police to enforce what we have now. The redesign has been going on for years.

Just a thought: How about three-way stops at Ainaloa, Makuu, Paradise and Shower? The benefit would be that people could actually get on to the road during heavy traffic hours and, as an added benefit, it would slow down the traffic no matter what the speed limit is.

Face it: There are too many cars on the road to wait for two or three more years for the work to begin, and besides, how much can 12 stop signs cost? Or you can post police in the heavy traffic hours and make the state some money.

Kevin Bradley

Hawaiian Paradise Park

Fine ‘em

Well, (Mayor) Billy Kenoi, the bag ban is working: No fly-away bags on the streets, on the brush, or in the wind. What we do have is a lot of litter falling out of vehicles on the way to the dump sites!

How do you put a ban on that problem? Maybe your county workers can check the “fall-off” household trash for any identity that’s in the trash. Then the county can make money for your raise with an new fine!

Harriet Chung


No tax hike

Regarding, “Property tax hike suggested,” in the April 11 Tribune-Herald: Please, Mr. Mayor (Billy) Kenoi, do not raise our taxes. Mahalo.

A. Yamamoto



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