Tuesday | June 28, 2016
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Your Views for April 16

Showing heart

I had the pleasure to officiate at a small private ceremony to celebrate the completion of and bless the recently completed Comfort Station at Reeds Bay.

The mayor and several of his staff, including the project manager Kevin Sakai and Parks and Recreation Director Clayton Honma, were present along with contractors, engineers and others involved in the planning and completion of this project.

I arrived early as I wanted to familiarize myself with the particulars of the project and was very impressed with the dedication and enthusiasm of the team members present and their heart and vision for our community parks and recreation areas.

I spoke at length with Jason Armstrong, who is the newly appointed Parks and Recreation public information officer and community liaison, and as such had a lot of information on the project. I was very impressed with the amount of thought, planning and heart that went into this project and is being put into other projects to benefit our island community.

On the side, I overheard other conversations between those present about their persistence in acquiring funding and volunteer help to keep the project affordable and make it possible.

It was evident to me that our mayor, his support staff and other committed business leaders in our community are the heart behind these projects. A great big mahalo to all of them for their commitment to the concept of “malama” — to serve our community and care for our land — as evidenced in this recent project. We are blessed to have leaders in our community that really care.

Pastor Renee D. Godoy

Glad Tidings Church

So much aloha

Our daughter, Hokulani Mckeague, danced in this year’s Miss Aloha Hula Competition.

We want to send a big mahalo to Mayor Billy Kenoi and his wife for vacating their seats during our daughter’s dances so that we could watch

her from the front row. What an honor!

Billy’s genuine spirit of aloha truly touched our hearts making an already special night unforgettable. Mahalo nui loa, Billy!

Darryl, Jean and Malama Mckeague


Justice for Christie

I’m so disappointed to learn that the Hawaii Legislature of 2013 did not pass resolutions requesting the federal government to give Roger Christie reasonable bail and as speedy a fair trial as is possible after three long years of imprisonment without bail.

Remember recently when a federal security agent shot and killed one of our citizens in a Honolulu MacDonald’s restaurant? He was freed on bail. Roger Christie has not harmed anyone, and certainly not shot anyone. Hawaii must stand up for equal protection before the law, and our legislators were unfortunately not given the chance to vote on this important resolution to take this important stand.

Andrea Rosanoff



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