Saturday | February 13, 2016
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Your Views for April 18

Don’t raise fares

I read with dismay the proposal to increase bus fares in the Big Island (“Bus fares could be on the rise,” Friday, April 5).

One needs to question whether common sense could ever make a home here. For starters, the bus service operated by “employee-owned” Roberts is a disgrace.

Some of the drivers really think that since they own part of the company they don’t have to be civil, courteous or safe. There is a minority of them who should never be allowed to be behind the wheel, let alone operate a public service.

Our mass transit department does not have a say over them, so they feel entitled to act with impunity. Should we pay more for a service that fails on customer service? Why charge people a dollar per bag to ride the the bus, or for a bicycle for that matter?

On the mainland, you can buy a monthly pass and they do not charge for bags. Seniors, low income and the disabled pay a modest monthly fee, is that going to break their bank so much? Hardly!

A bus pass will also ensure that “everyone” pays their fair share.

And what about having appropriate bus capacity depending on certain routes? A small bus serving Pahoa during peak hours is totally in congruent; who wants to use a bus that stuffs people in like cattle?

In my opinionm Roberts fails badly at this job. It is time our mayor and mass transit take over the bus operations. Accountability professionalism and safe bus operation before thinking of increases!

Amanda Seimer


Memorial pond

(Recently) a letter appeared in your letters to the editor column which referred to the pond in Kalakaua Park as “the fish pond” (Your Views, April 6).

The reference was not disparaging in any way, but I believe that your readers would appreciate knowing that the pond in Kalakaua Park is more properly known as the War Memorial Pond.

It was constructed in 1948 to memorialize the Big Island’s war dead from World War II and whose names are carved on the top of

the marble memorial.

Later, plaques were added to recognize war dead from the Korean War and Vietnam.

In 2012, the County of Hawaii in conjunction with various community volunteers drained, cleaned and refilled the pond. In spring and summer, the water lilies will be in fuller bloom and certainly worth a stop and look.

Bob Peck



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