Friday | November 27, 2015
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Your Views for April 28

Pushing boundaries

Sen. Russell Ruderman — more often than his colleagues — has made it to the front page of HT-H lately. Although he has been criticized, he has amply demonstrated that he can speak for, and defend, himself.

Controversial though he may be, Sen. Ruderman brings an enthusiasm, freshness and outspokeness not often seen amongst our staid Big Island legislators, who survive by ruffling no feathers, proffering no independent opinions and keeping a low profile. The last independent-minded outspoken legislator I can recall, former state senator David Matsuura, got unceremoniously booted out in his bid for re-election.

Whether Sen. Ruderman survives the slings and arrows and gets re-elected remains to be seen. Unlike former Sen. David Matsuura, there is no doubt that Sen. Ruderman tows the party line. That might, just might, be enough to get him re-elected. It is unfortunate that only about 1,200 of his many (apathetic) constituents bothered to vote in the last election.

Pradeepta Chowdhury


Science of marriage

Steven Kalas’ “Gay marriage is a matter of justice, not morals” (Tribune-Herald, April 24) tells you all you need to know to totally reject all alleged “marriages” that are not based upon pure biological science.

Steven rightly concluded that the struggle for marriage justice by all races is not to be confused with marital justice amongst people with alleged “psychosexual identities” … which “identities” (aka “sexual orientations”) number in the hundreds already, including those who change their sexual identity every day and those who aren’t sure which sexual identity they are on any given day! But that’s the end of his “rightness!”

He’s especially wrong about how marriage has been universally determined only by “religion and morals.” Marriage has always been based upon science! Even in the Bible’s record is based upon science! Read Genesis 2:20-25 and see. Adam could’ve had a sexual companion with one of the “comfort animals” in the Garden of Eden; but they weren’t psychologically, biologically or reproductively compatible. So a “womb-man” (Anglo Saxon for “woman”) was made by the Creator to provide a completely compatible psychological, biological and procreative sexual set. And that perfect scientific coupling created the only true human “marriage” possible from the completion of their creation without any law or ceremony. (And this scientific necessity holds true regardless of how you believe the first male and female came into existence.) This scientific sexual set has worked perfectly all over the world since the beginning of marriage.

Yet now our silly scientists want to challenge all these inexorable empirical facts, marital definitions and results by opening up the floodgates to every imaginable “psychosexual marriage” (it wouldn’t be “just” to only allow one type of “psychosexual couple” to marry) … which has already given us people marrying dolphins (a lady in Israel), snakes (a lady in India), dogs, groups of people (polygamy), ad nauseum. All this to attain Obama’s egalitarian “Social Justice” agenda! Say no “Psychosexual Marriages!”

Two closing points: marriage has never been a “right” for everyone; “To have a right to do a thing, is not the same as to be right in doing it” (G.K. Chesterton).

Gerald Wright


Disaster avoided

On the morning of Thursday, April 18, the passenger liner Grand Princess entered Hilo Harbor, striking floating debris at the harbor entrance consisting of fishing buoy’s and an undetermined length of polypropylene line.

The line was hooked around the ship’s bow and proceeded down both sides of the ship, disappearing into the propellers while more rope was seen trailing the ship. At this point, the captain stopped all propulsion and ordered the assist tug to push and pull the ship away from Coconut Island and to Pier 1. It was only 200 feet from running aground.

Had there been any wind at all the situation would have been tragic for all the people of the Big Island because a ship of that size blocking the channel would most certainly have closed the harbor to incoming and outgoing ships that bring food, gasoline and everything else to our communities. If you took pictures or video of this mishap, please contact 935-3639, because we need to protect our harbors from those that seek to overrule the safe operating procedures that protect us all.

Michael Trask



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