Wednesday | July 26, 2017
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Your Views for April 9

Noisy skies

Regarding the commentary by Maile Walsh in the Saturday, April 6, Tribune-Herald: Really, Maile, very self-righteous of you to say that it is not OK for helicopters to fly over your house to see a waterfall, but it is perfectly OK to fly the tourists over my house to see the volcano.

I would like to say that we should all be able to enjoy the peace and tranquility of our homes. We are all being constantly disturbed by these money-making noise machines.

Valerie Chiong

Orchidland Estates

Afraid to be Hawaiian

Was the Department of Land and Natural Resources, police and other U.S. government agents coming from their best thinking in their attack against Uncle Abel (Lui) and the other activists, and the removal of the garden? They offered free food for people who need food!

Sustainability ended! Did you all forget what our culture is all about, or was this the obvious demonstration on point: End the culture; press for development.

Is (DLNR chief William) Aila not Hawaiian? And (Mayor Billy) Kenoi? And many of the police who participated? Did you people come from your na‘au, or where? You’re fearful.

Wasn’t the DLNR just raising grass there and practicing mowing it, and nothing else? Were the hungry to graze there, would that also be against your law? Does DLNR really stand for destruction of land and natural resources?

Your behavior responds, “yes.” Where is the kalo, which is all edible and sustaining? Did you find another place to plant it to continue what the activists were doing? I may not agree with their perceptions or how they state them, but I do agree with the spiritual principles of our culture. You don’t have to love or person or even like them to help feed them.

I would like to sit and listen to and hear your justifications for this decision. Your principles are not the principles of this culture. You’re too afraid to be Hawaiian.

Gerald Ferro


Guns and laws

Wayne LaPierre, NRA executive director, says that we should have no laws regulating guns because criminals, terrorists and lunatics won’t obey those laws. Let’s apply that logic to other areas of law.

Some people don’t get car insurance and don’t obey speed limits.

Therefore, we should repeal the law requiring drivers to be insured, and scrap all speed limits. Sometimes people pretend to be doctors when they aren’t licensed to practice. So we should repeal all licensing standards for physicians.

When burglary is outlawed, only outlaws will be burglars!

Dan Lindsay



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