Tuesday | November 21, 2017
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Your Views for August 1

Fix the streets

Dear, Mr. Mayor: I realize that the incinerator for ridding Big Island trash has priority. However, I believe your No. 1 priority concern should be to re-surface the streets of Hilo. The taxpayers of East Hawaii pay enough in taxes — e.g. gasoline tax and vehicle registration fees — to justify re-paving the streets of Hilo, the seat of Big Island government.

I have lived in and visited many Third World countries and have seen the capitols of these countries’ streets are in much better conditions than those of Hilo.

I’m sure if you requested our distinguished congressional delegations to help fund this project, they will oblige you.

Patching pot-holes after so many years has taken a toll on the streets of Hilo, especially on motor vehicles. Please end this Band-Aid solution.

Bob Akamine


Not spared by Kenoi

Although we were saved from the wrath of Flossie, leave it to the mayor to devastate us once more. We survive most natural disasters and succumb to political injustice.

Thank God it’s his last term.

Harriet Chung


Why close dumps?

I think the mayor should reimburse the taxpayers the approximately $400,000 it cost to keep the county workers home during the no-show storm, Flossie.

And was it really necessary to shut down the transfer stations? My neighbors and I spent some time Sunday removing brush from around our houses. We were surprised to find we couldn’t dump it on Monday.

A. Yamamoto


Pool will be missed

I read with sadness about the closing of the YWCA solar pool. The pool has offered so much enjoyment to the young and old of our community.

The YWCA offered water aerobics twice a day, five days a week. The pool was warm in summer and winter. There are many very elderly people who take the water aerobics classes.

This not only gave them the chance to exercise but also a chance to socialize. Most of these people will have nowhere else to go to exercise and socialize.

Yes, there are two other pools in the Hilo area. However, both are not solar-heated and too cold for many of the older adults who suffer with arthritis.

I cannot understand why a grant writer was not hired years ago to explore the many grants that are out there. Grants should have been written for an ongoing money source. The Y has relied on community donations and fund-raisers, which were not enough to keep the pool open.

Shirley Rizzo



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