Friday | November 24, 2017
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Your Views for August 11

Questionable ads

(Thursday’s) paper featured a huge ad from congressional candidate Mufi Hannemann. It made me wonder if your paper has any “truth in advertising” standards for the ads you run? After all, the ad is a blatantly deceptive attempt by Mufi Hannemann to insinuate that Sens. Dan Inouye and Dan Akaka are supporting his run for Congress. Since both senators have clearly stated they are not endorsing anyone in this race, and they’ve released statements to this effect, Mufi obviously thought he could “put one over” on the voters before they found out the truth.

I don’t know whether to be sad or angry — I am feeling a little of both. This kind of deceptive manipulation is exactly why people have (rightfully) lost so much trust in the government. The people of Hawaii should soundly reject anyone who uses duplicity to gain power and prestige.

Judy Osborne


No dent in pot crop

On Aug. 7, Roger Christie was denied bail for the sixth time. He has been held without bail for over two years now under charges of distributing marijuana. Not murder. But marijuana distribution.

The Green Party of Hawaii does not know whether Mr. Christie is guilty of the charges against him. However, as we feel personal marijuana use should be decriminalized, we feel a person accused of non-violent charges relating to marijuana should be granted bail.

The mantra that “the arrest of Roger Christie has put a large dent in the distribution of marijuana on the Big Island,” which is heard every time Mr. Christie’s case comes up in the media, is just not true. Where is the evidence that this is even remotely true? Marijuana continues to be grown and consumed by thousands of residents of East Hawaii for personal use, regardless of the Roger Christie case.

Mr. Christie should be granted bail, as other prisoners accused of more vile crimes are routinely granted.

Mark Van Doren

State co-chair,

Green Party of Hawaii

‘Inhumane’ Society

Ironically, there is a Humane Society right next to the Keaau trash station.

Strange as it may be, there are oodles of cats living at the dump site entrance in the woods that were dumped off like a piece of refuse. I see also that these wonderful humans also dump off (dogs) there, too. I witnessed … a large dog wandering around aimlessly and confused as it if were just left there!

First thing I have to say is: What is wrong with you people? Do you not have a heart? Do you treat your kids same way? Now the “Inhumane” Society, as I like to call them, is right there! I mean, right there! Why is it that they have never made any attempts to rescue and find these animals homes and not let them die by force of a moving vehicle.

Then again, what most folks do not know is the “Humane” Society kills a majority of stray animals brought in within two days at best, unless it’s some kind of special breed. What is humane about this animal shelter? No attempts to help these next-door animals, and what we find as result is the flattened bodies of cats and dogs all over a three-block area of that dump site.

Come on, people, can you at least find a home for your pet, rather than throw them away like trash at a … dump site? What kind of person are you with such a dark heart?

Frank Battaglia

Mountain View


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