Tuesday | July 07, 2015
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Your Views for August 13

Freedom of choice

There seems to be a resurgence of interest and chatter about GMO issues. I am a strong proponent of a “GMO bill.”

The GMO bill should be quite simple: On the Big Island, GMO produce should be certified (by qualified agricultural inspectors) as “GMO” produce and must be labeled as such. Likewise, organic produce must also be certified as “organic” produce (by qualified agricultural inspectors) and must be labeled as such.

Produce that does not claim to be either GMO or organic will not need to be certified and will be exempt from such tedious legislation, easing the burden on hard-working subsistence farmers without resources to pay for mandated inspections.

Our local politicians can then pat themselves on the back and claim to have generated hundreds of well-paying state jobs (with health and retirement benefits) in the new cadre of “GMO and Organic Produce Agricultural Inspectors,” and seek re-election. Of course, qualified applicants for these positions must undergo approved training on the mainland and pass “stringent” qualifying examinations and be licensed to practice in the State of Hawaii.

This will allow consumers like me, who simply do not care if produce is certified GMO or organic, to exercise our constitutional and civil rights (also known as freedom of choice). In my case, it would give me the option of whether or not to purchase overpriced, uncertified organic produce at local health food stores.

Bonus question: How many of our legislators graduated high school with a general diploma?

Pradeepta Chowdhury


No more grants

Here we go, folks. The Food Basket received a large grant from the county. A large percentage of this grant will go to waste.

The new director was a former government employee. He is apparently running the nonprofit agency like the government is run. Does this say anything about how government handles our money?

He cannot locate reports that should have been submitted as required. The charity is a good idea, run by incompetent people.

No more grants until all conditions are met. Hire someone not connected to the government.

Where is the audit on this one ?

Bob Dukat


Not ‘normal’

A negative concept should never be accepted as “normal,” as reflected in the Page 1 headline, “Low pay is new normal,” in last Sunday’s issue of the Tribune-Herald, because saying so makes it so, and this should not be.

Abraham Sadegh



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