Thursday | October 19, 2017
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Your Views for August 15

Practice aloha

Well, Mr. Frank Battaglia, it appears that the Keaau Humane Society and the Keaau transfer station were next on your list of places to pick on (Your Views, Tribune-Herald).

Do you have a long list of places that annoy you so much you have to lash out at them? What’s next? Maybe 7-Eleven because there weren’t enough chocolate chips in their cookies. Maybe some poor fast food restaurant because you had to wait an extra 30 seconds for your food.

If everything bothers you so much about living on the Big Island, why don’t you move to another island or, even better, move to the mainland?

As far as the cats at the transfer station (not a dump), they are probably all feral cats. The cats might actually be doing a service by keeping the mice and rat population in check. By your reasoning, get rid of all the cats and be overrun with vermin. But then again, that would give you something else to complain about.

As for the large dog you said you witnessed wandering around, did you catch it and take it to the Humane Society? After all, it’s right next door.

As for the Humane Society, in case you didn’t bother checking, they are understaffed and way underfunded. If you are so worried about these stray animals, why don’t you go and volunteer and help take care of these animals?

Hey, why don’t you adopt some of these animals yourself? My dog Harley was a rescued dog, and we brought him from the mainland because we wouldn’t abandon our family member. And we are also parents to Joey, our rescued lovebird. Yes, we got him here on the Big Island.

The best idea of all is for you to quit bitching about everything and look around at all the good things that are on our island. They call it paradise for a reason. Why don’t you try enjoying it, instead of looking for things to complain about?

Who knows, you might actually start seeing things in a whole different light. If you practice aloha, aloha will come back to you.

Sonny Dukes

Hawaiian Shores

Voting woes

Saturday morning, I attempted to vote at the Pahoa polling place. I was refused because my name was not on “the list.” The poll workers attempted to call the election office for help, to no avail — apparently only one person at the headquarters could answer questions about Pahoa problems, and that person was not available, so I was sent home without voting.

I have voted in every Hawaii election for over 20 years, until Saturday. I was told later by a poll worker that over 600 ballets were counted, but at least that many were turned away for whatever reason.

My question is: Was this just gross incompetence on the part of the election committee, or was this some kind of payback to the taxpayers and the county government for this firing of four election employees for wrongdoing?

If all the people who are running in the November general election want our votes, they better make sure that we are allowed to vote in that election.

Peter McDonald



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