Tuesday | June 27, 2017
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Your Views for August 15

Food Basket success

The Food Basket has been tremendously successful at supporting Hawaii Island.

Looking ahead, The Food Basket is planning to expand our Keiki Backpacking Program from 450 children per month to 1,100.

Our Senior Produce Program is serving over 1,500 seniors per week with fresh, locally grown produce purchased from local farmers.

We continue to reduce the cost of food for substance abuse and chronic disease programs, domestic violence and transitional shelters, and church and school feeding programs.

To offer some perspective, The Food Basket distributed about 1.7 million pounds of food last year. Of this, about 19,000 pounds was salvaged, or about 1 percent of our total food distributed. This is modest compared to the resources The Food Basket constantly collects to fulfill the needs of Hawaii County.

I’ve had eleven formal complaints this year, less than .02 percent of the total number of people we serve. Contrary to the publicity The Food Basket has received of late, I have personally received much community support, in writing and on the telephone, in reaction to our handling of county funds. I think this makes our efforts successful overall.

There are dissenting opinions being printed. Rather than rely on someone’s interpretation of a summary of the information, we invite you to instead draw your own conclusions and provide us with feedback.

The Food Basket has posted the full report submitted to the county at www.foodbaskethi.org. Please, visit or volunteer with our organization or one of the more than eighty organizations we partner with to get first-hand experience in meeting this need.

The Food Basket would not truly be community based without valuable input from you. We are Hawaii Island’s Food Bank, your community’s food bank. Listen to the other side of the story.

En Young

Executive director of The Food Basket

Slow down!

While going to and from Hilo from Pahoa on Highway 130, my wife and I have observed what seems to be a new disturbing trend.

After lowering the speed limit to make certain intersections safer, it seems some drivers do not want to slow down. Two times in the past three weeks while passing one of these intersections, someone behind us has raced into the left turn lane, passed us, sped right through the intersection and cut back in front of us in the opposite merging lane.

I cannot believe this astounding, irresponsible behavior. Please slow down and think before someone really gets hurt!

Gregg Niceley



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