Sunday | February 26, 2017
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Your Views for August 18

Battery boon

Thanks to hugely improved batteries now being manufactured by General Electric in New York at a brand new factory, the intermittent nature of solar and wind power can now be harnessed 24 hours a day.

The sodium/nickel batteries produced there will take at least 3,500 deep cycles — compared to less than 500 for lead acid or 1,000 for lithium ion — and they will weigh half as much per kilowatt hour at a cost of less than $500 each kilowatt hour of capacity. These batteries will be suitable for utility-load leveling at substations and large standalone solar.

The University of Hawaii could use them to make their new buildings run off-grid or to store cheaper off-peak power for daytime use. Although the cost is still nearly as high as lithium/ion and the supply is all back-ordered, GE is already building a second assembly line that will approximately double production and may bring down the cost so that HELCO might start to lose customers who are able to plan long range, standalone solar systems instead of wait for HELCO to MAYBE bring down the cost with geothermal power.

Richard Reed


Mahalo, HTH

Once again, Hawaii Tribune-Herald was most frequently mentioned by more people than any other as the source of learning about our 60th annual show and sale – Islands of Orchids. And, no surprise, since your coverage of the show was awesome.

We so appreciate your having picked up all of our press releases and even embellishing them. The photos taken by (staff photographer) Hollyn Johnson were fantastic and added to the attendance. Working with Marie Ella Burns in display advertising is always so easy, and she helps tremendously. Copy editor Leigh Critchlow and the editorial staff are wonderful, adding professional touches to our articles and keeping us in the Calendar as much as possible.

We in Hilo are so fortunate to have a reading public that actually supports a newspaper. Thank you for supporting us and putting us in the paper!

Julie Goettsch,

Hilo Orchid Society


Sandra Song,

Islands of Orchids Show chairperson

Sheryl Rawson,

committee chair – PR and advertising

Move to Italy

I must also disagree with Mr. Frank Battaglia, who was sharply critical of our Humane Society (Tribune-Herald, Your Views).

I have adopted pets from that facility twice over the past 25-plus years and have received the best and most courteous service from the staff and volunteers.

With your disparaging attitude, all I can say is that you are not typical of a person with an Italian heritage. I was born of Italian immigrants, grew up in an Italian neighborhood and visited that fabulous country several times.

If I were as dissatisfied as you are with things here (which I am most certainly not), I’d move to Italy since anyone who has ancestral roots there can apply for, and get, citizenship.

Gerald DeOreo



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