Sunday | November 19, 2017
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Your Views for August 21

A serious problem

I don’t relish taking nonbelievers and doubters to task, especially when my “literary contributions” to the editor are being challenged as it was in S. R. Hannigan’s letter of Aug. 12, making reference to my letter of Aug. 10, concerning the illegal alien issue.

If the statistics stated were inaccurate, mildly overinflated and acutely exaggerated, perhaps a fact-finding safari is necessary to satisfy S. R. Hannigan’s suspicious nature, especially where references to certain topics are concerned. Some of us do have sources of information which are reliable and believable.

More than that, be aware that a serious illegal alien situation truly exists, and needs to be addressed and resolved.

I would hate to have these illegal aliens voting in our elections, especially if they are not qualified to do so. Just think of the advantages which could be derived by some unscrupulous politicians who would have a field day using these unqualified votes so as to get elected, re-elected and to further their aim as career politicians, of which we have many.

We as voters and citizens of our great nation are long overdue for an overhaul and change. This can only be accomplished by a massive voter turnout on Nov. 6. As Ruby and the Romantics used to sing, quote: “Our day will come.” In God we will forever trust.

McWarren J. Mehau

Mountain View

Not clean nor viable

Twenty-three years ago, after the state and county streamlined geothermal permitting and took away contested case hearings (Rule 12), we became a party to (a 60-day limit) mediation. Because the developer admitted they could not meet the noise limits during drilling in our neighborhood, they offered a sum of money to “resolve the issue of impacts.”

When we disagreed, they offered to relocate us, but they withdrew their offer when we asserted that every neighbor should have the same option. Minutes before the permit was approved, county officials introduced (an unmediated) Condition 51 — the asset fund — which, they assured, would take care of the people.

The impact of excessive noise has never been mitigated, and spikes of hydrogen sulfide exceeding 100 parts per billion (when measured, according to the permit, on a 24-hour average) are sanctioned under the permit guidelines.

In 1991, Puna Geothermal Venture’s well … vented unabated gases for over 30 hours, with noise like a 747 jet taking off (80 decibels at our house). Neighbors downwind held wet towels to their faces while they evacuated their homes to escape the gases.

Soon after the blowout, 39 neighbors signed a petition to have the community actively included in the emergency response plan. To my knowledge, nothing has changed.

The public needs to become aware of the issues related to the current geothermal development in Hawaii. Thousands of gallons of geothermal effluent re-injected into the ‘aina each day will eventually emerge in the ocean. The health complaints among the many geothermal neighbors rightly need to be checked out and verified (or not). The public has a right to know!

Ironically, the Department of Health physician, Sam Rubin, who in 1991 confirmed that some health impacts were due to the geothermal blowout, was transferred to Johnston Atoll. In our precious Hawaii, the current geothermal development (and government process) is not a clean, nor a viable, option for a sustainable future.

Luana Jones



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