Friday | August 18, 2017
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Your Views for August 22

Stop finger-pointing

The county clerk is pointing at the state. The state is pointing at the clerk, who then in turn points at the staff. This is typical of government forces at work. Things go wrong, and no one wants to take responsibility. We probably will never reach a correct answer.

If this were a private company, heads would be rolling already. Can’t wait for the outcome.

Bob Dukat


The right thing

Since when is it a dereliction of duty for Councilman Fred Blas, who represents our district, to submit a proposal to conduct a comprehensive health study to determine what is making some people sick near the geothermal plant on the council agenda? (“Empty words,” Your Views, Aug. 19.) There have been other health studies conducted with no conclusive results.

Lacking evidence of the cause of illness, council chair Dominic Yagong proposed dividing and essentially condemning our neighborhoods as uninhabitable with an arbitrary one-mile “safety” buffer around Puna Geothermal Venture

Nothing extreme or impulsive about that, is there? He also proposed essentially reorganizing and rewriting the existing Civil Defense evacuation plans for geothermal-specific purposes.

Harry Kim was the Civil Defense director when the protocols for emergency evacuation around PGV were enacted. Did he complain or protest at the time? No, he did not.

Harry Kim was also the mayor at one time. Did he take steps to change any evacuation procedures during his time serving as mayor? No, he did not.

Mayor Kenoi did the right thing to veto bills 256 and 257. Councilman Blas did the right thing voting for the veto and against the override. If there is opposition to an independent, comprehensive health study of residents exposed to whatever makes them sick, it is certainly not from Mayor Kenoi, Councilman Blas, or people like myself, living in good health a mile from PGV. Certainly not a “legalize pot” activist taking time out to address health and safety issues.

Denise Fleming


Invite them all back

Our county election office was under pressure to deal with the delays caused by redistricting and missing veteran employees. The delay to open election polling centers on time caused most early voters not to return.

I agree with Mr. Patrick Donovan (Your Views, Tribune-Herald). In the 2nd Senate District, Russell Ruderman was elected with 36.3 percent only.

Solution: Have all candidates back in for the general election to prevent more legal actions by candidates toward the overworked, understaffed county election office.

Wendell J. Ka‘ehua‘ea

Former candidate for state Senate, District 2


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