Tuesday | May 03, 2016
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Your Views for August 24

Dangerous road

There has been a tragic, fatal car crash on North Glenwood Road. This one-lane road has a deep ditch on one side, so unlike all other roads, the downhill traffic has right of way.

There is no sign. These two people died for lack of a simple sign. Someone, please put up a sign. I am highly allergic to paint, or I would do it myself.

Beware of North Glenwood Road.

G. O’Connor


Bigger issues

The front-page headline, “County tackles unsafe trees,” is the last straw for me!

These County Council members (as well some previous ones) have stuck their heads in the volcanic mud, like proverbial ostriches. They have tried to outdo each other by proposing bills for their pet peeves in order to try to make a change in “matters of inconsequence” (such as Zendo Kern’s sudden passion for his neighbor’s overgrown albizia trees and Brenda’s Ford’s GMO issues), while avoiding tackling, head on, “matters of consequence” (those who have read “The Little Prince” may see the irony), such as the traffic on Highway 130 and the future of county waste, both of which have been much talked about (although no definitive action has been taken) for at least the past 15 years!

Both these issues should be addressed before we concern ourselves about GMO products and our neighbor’s overgrown trees.

The $5 million that is soon to be spent on a roundabout (which most Big Islanders are unfamiliar with), could be better spent on widening Highway 130.

Here is what I propose to Zenda Kern and Brenda Ford: Work with the county, state and the federal government to widen Highway 130 to a four-lane highway between Pahoa and Keaau. Work with the community, the county, the state and the federal government to open up Railroad Avenue as an alternative route (this will not be easy).

Get serious about the disposal of our garbage in the immediate and distant future!

Pradeepta Chowdhury


No gambling

On top of everything that’s not going too good in Hawaii, the thought of gambling is enough to make me wonder: Whose bright idea was that?

It’s addicting. Imagine the young couples on welfare who gamble a couple bucks here and there, only to sink deeper in debt. Gambling has nothing good about it. The temptation is strong enough to create theft within your own ohana.

In the old days, bingo only cost $5, and you could win $20, plus other prizes. That was more fun then actually gambling.

Each island needs more positive direction for the community to better the roads, schools, jobs, help the homeless, solar, GMO, and so on. Please weigh the pros and the cons.

We’re only here for a short time. Let’s kokua the aloha to be the mana of Hawaii.

Lynise Tarring



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