Thursday | June 22, 2017
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Your Views for August 26

Did you see it?

Just now, 9:15 p.m. (Wednesday night, from Pepeekeo), the biggest meteor I have ever seen burst into a shower of sparks over Hilo Bay. Maybe others saw it?

Bob Wahler


Dear candidates:

All candidates, whether Democrat, Republican or any party, local or national, say they feel for and understand the problems endured by the people who voted them in. If this is true, I say prove it.

I propose that any person running for political office must first, without any outside help, live in each one of the following circumstances for least three months.

1. Homeless on the streets. This includes begging for change, Dumpster-diving for food, and calling a cardboard box, a park bench and under-a-bridge “home.”

2. Live on welfare. Learn to live on what little welfare pays you. Learn to ration your food stamps so your family might make it to the end of the month. Try to find a place to live, and learn to live with the stares of people who look down upon you because you are on welfare.

3. Live and support your family on a minimum-wage job, including paying rent, utilities, medical expenses, gas to get to work, insurance, food, clothes for your children, etc.

4. Live on Social Security payments. Decide which you pay this month: rent, bills, food or medication. Remember, most people on Social Security are two old or sick to work for any extra income.

Maybe, just maybe, after at least one year living under the circumstances, you can say: Yes, I now know how the people feel.

Sonny Dukes


Help save the bay

Recently, the Maui County Council voted Lipoa Point at Honolua Bay out of preservation. The Save Honolua Coalition (SHC), a non-profit organization, has been working tirelessly for years, fighting for preservation and protection of this beautiful, sacred land.

Thousands of signatures on petitions by the community and years of hard work have been canceled out by five council members who obviously have an agenda besides the voice of the people.

Future development will undoubtedly cause irreparable damage. Honolua stream has been diverted, hindering native plant and animal species. Honolua Bay is a marine conservation district that has already been negatively affected by development on the south side of the bay.

Hawaii’s Division of Aquatic Resources claims that the coral coverage of Honolua Bay decreased from 42 percent to 9 percent over a 10-year span, and a recent study has also shown that Honolua Bay has the highest level of bacteria in Hawaii. More development means more pollutants in the water.

The more SHC and the community have to fight politicians, the less time and energy can be VOLUNTEERED to help solve some of the existing problems. Join the fight:

Freddy Von Essen

Makawao, Maui

No place for politics

There are roundabouts being planned for a few intersections of Highway 130. This is a big mistake. These intersections are three-way intersections, and safety would be much better served by simply installing three-way traffic lights. Roundabouts do not work effectively on three-way intersections and are much more expensive to implement than simple traffic lights. Another waste of taxpayer money.

The current intersection at Highway 130 and Pahoa Village Road is a disaster. It was poorly planned when the new stores and restaurants were built. There was a simple off-ramp from Highway 130 to Pahoa Village Road which was not utilized to make traffic flow better. Whomever is designing these things needs to be independent and not pay attention to political pressures.

Bob Dukat


Women’s rights

The past few days, there has been a fervor over the topic of abortion — when it is or is not acceptable.

Most of the time, these issues are debated by men. I would care, if one of these men were confronted with that decision for themselves — which we know will never happen. So why should they be the ones to decide?

One Republican said that a woman being raped cannot conceive … during the traumatic experience. Who votes for these men? They have to dumber than the men they vote into office.

With all the perils that await the demise of the human race … a woman’s right to do what is necessary for her life is the least of our problems.

Yes, there are religious factions out there that have an opinion, but that is all it is, an opinion, and they should confine their views among their congregation, not enacting policy of law for all.

Women have rights, and they should have the right, as a member of the human race, to be able to tend and fend for themselves.

Ladies, think for yourselves when in the voting booth.

Carmine Spada



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