Friday | July 31, 2015
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Your Views for August 28

It’s about time

“We’re not interested in more renewable energy. We’re interested in cheaper renewable energy. Unless it has lower rates, we will not support it.” — Mayor Billy Kenoi, August 2012

We are glad to see an elected official finally doing the math. It took long enough.

Expensive energy is not sustainable. Our energy policy should be cheap energy. That is sustainable.

On the Big Island, geothermal is the cheapest source available and it is both renewable and local. We need to go there, and nowhere else, as soon as possible for the entire island. Everything else is more expensive and makes folks suffer as a result.

It is time to end the crony Public Utilities Commission-protected energy industry and its patrons who benefit at any cost, while everyone else has to pay for their inefficiencies.

“I can tell you that life without energy is brutal and short.” — Dr. John Christy, Earth System Science Center at the University of Alabama, testifying to Congress March 2011

Edward Gutteling

Vice president,

Conservative Forum for Hawaii

Praise for Akaka

Bravo to Kalei Akaka in her demand for a recount in the primary vote tally (Tribune-Herald, Aug. 24, “House hopeful seeking recount”) in her quest for democratic excellence.

Such a hard-working, bright, determined, positive, sensitive and gracious young person is making a memorable splash into Hawaii politics. Ms. Akaka is going to be a powerful role model for generations to come. She is an outspoken and excellent communicator who is careful and concerned.

I should know, because, after all, I was her English 100 teacher at Chaminade University. She needs all the support she can get in her petition the the Hawaii Supreme Court. Good job, Kalei!

Susan Kay Anderson


Lingle’s policies

There are two words that describe Linda Lingle: furlough Fridays. While people were losing their jobs during the Lingle administration, Lingle and her Republican cronies were chartering jets with taxpayer dollars so they could all go to the Republican National Convention on the mainland to root for George Bush, the president that caused our economic collapse by removing all the banking regulations, which allowed Wall Street to plunge the entire world into economic chaos.

Lingle touted her support for education and then slashed the Department of Education’s budget. Lingle is again talking about her support for education in her political ads. What a joke! The teachers continue to take the brunt of the Lingle administration’s policies still in effect.

Hawaii can’t afford to support Lingle’s lifestyle and policies any longer. Mazie Hirono cares more about the people of Hawaii and their needs than Lingle ever will or did. If you support Lingle’s education policies (the shortest school year in the nation, and she slashed the education budgets) then vote for Lingle and her failed George Bush policies.

Debra Steiger



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