Sunday | December 17, 2017
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Your Views for August 29

A call to action

Aloha, people of Hawaii. I call your attention to the recently formed Public Land Development Corporation, an enterprise guaranteed to take away your public lands and let them be developed by exploitation for the benefit of the developing corporations and your state government.

In addition to being exempt to all rules and regulations, they will be able to force adjoining landowners to improve their property and/or hook up to their upgraded utilities. Not true, you say? If after 30 days you do not respond, the State of Hawaii is giving the authority for these corporations to come on your land and physically make their changes (i.e., hooking you up to new water system or underground electrical grid). You will then be compelled to pay their price to reconnect, and if you do not pay, they can put a lien on your home, and if you still do not pay, they may force sale in case of default. Call Gov. Abercrombie now and say you want this junk law repealed, NOW!

Sara Steiner


Abandoned animals

Animals don’t choose people. People choose animals and then just like children who tire of a toy, people discard animals like tossing out the trash.

People dump their animals in Fern Acres almost everyday. It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant people can be. They choose an animal without thinking what it really takes to care for an animal. People’s stupidity is incurable and apparently contagious, when it comes to caring for their animals.

People acquire animals for small children who are way too young to have and care for an animal. The children harm the animal that then lashes out to protect itself from the child, and then the animal is abused or abandoned by the supposed adult who shouldn’t have given their young child an animal to begin with.

Animals are supposed to be part of your family — like your children. An animal is counting on you to feed, house and care for it, just as your children are. So if you are not going to care for an animal — and then take the time to potty train and give it stuff to chew on, so it won’t chew on slippers and shoes — then do the animal a favor, and don’t take it home.

Spay and neuter your pets. People on a fixed income can contact the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for a coupon that costs about $35 to have your animal spayed or neutered.

Gregory K. Cook


Slower than molasses

Here we are, folks. There’s finally has some sort of life in this recession, and the county — with its rules, regulations and short-sightedness — has slowed down the employment of skilled employees in the solar business (Tribune-Herald, Aug. 26). No foresight used again; I see the handwriting on the wall regarding this business. HELCO rates are high and going higher. The solar business is booming, and the county — once again — says it can’t handle the load.

How can we recover from the recession, or stop an oncoming one, if the county government is slowing the thing down?

The county has set fees for these undertakings. What is happening to them? Are they going into the big black hole (the general budget)?

Bob Dukat



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