Sunday | December 04, 2016
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Your Views for August 3

Vote ‘em out

Approval ratings for members of Congress have been around 15 percent for years. So most people are unhappy with Congress.

How did Congress spend their last day before their much-needed five-week vacation, courtesy of the American people? They just voted for the 40th time to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, knowing it would die in the House for the 40th time. They repeated what you want to hear and did nothing for America again.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you want everyone to have access to health care. What matters is whether or not you care about Congress doing nothing and getting paid for it.

Both parties are pandering in order to get re-elected. Both pander to corporations. And we keep voting them in.

What other job in America gives you three months of vacation time, pays around $175,000 per year, and if you do nothing, some people will keep you in your job (by voting for you)?

For once, let’s learn by our mistakes and not vote another incumbent into Congress. Let’s give someone else a chance to actually work for us.

Vote solely for one party, if that’s what you think is in your best interest. But let’s vote out every single incumbent and send a message to Congress. Either work together, senators, and accomplish something for the people, or get a new job.

Let’s show Congress we are not as stupid as they think we are — or prove that we are, once again. Let’s stop making a mockery out of our elections system and stop listening to paid pundits, and start voting for our country.

Now that is patriotism and freedom.

Dennis Chaquette


Speed humps

The Hawaii County Department of Public Works is planning to place three traffic humps on Uluwai Street between Wiliwili and Mohouli.

I oppose the project and am supposedly in the minority, so the project will go ahead according to department bureaucrats. I think that if there is a speeding problem, and I do not think there is, it could be far more effective and certainly more cost efficient to install a three-way stop sign at Palapalai Street.

Many folks experience pain when going over these humps — even at slow speeds — and as these humps multiply, this becomes an increasing problem, especially when they must be traversed to reach one’s home.

The speed limit on our street is 25 mph. Public Works says that the average speed is slightly over 30 mph. Most statistics on driving speeds indicate that most people drive a few miles per hour over the speed limit, averaging about 5 mph above it. So does this average speed warrant the expense and inconvenience involved in erecting traffic humps? There is ample evidence that these humps will not deter those who seriously want to drive too fast.

Since many people slow down much more than necessary when they come to these bumps, will this not be a hazard in case of the need for emergency evacuation and such? We could also ask if these humps will affect the efficiency of the operation of emergency vehicles in general.

This issue deserves more attention than it is getting from the public.

Donald Anderson



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