Wednesday | August 23, 2017
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Your Views for August 4


Hilo could once claim to be a science center. But if the pseudo science of the anti-GMO movement wins on Bill 79, we could fall off that worthy claim and become an anti-science center.

As the headquarters of some of the most advanced telescopes in the world, and the home of many astronomers and telescope engineers and technicians, Hilo is indeed among the world’s leading centers in astronomy.

In addition to astronomy, UH-Hilo is home to a leading-edge oceanography program. And at UH-Hilo, with its astronomy and oceanography programs, undergraduates and graduate students can work on advanced telescopes or do hands-on (fins-on?) oceanography.

But our County Council is flirting with a move to a make the island more like Sedona, Ariz., with its “vortex” and alternative everything.

Let’s hope that our County Council chooses real science over pseudo science.

Jack Roney


Marijuana myths

Regarding “Your Views, July 28, “The case for pot,” by Andrea Tischler: Andrea, how many times did you fall out of your chair writing this? You say over 5,500 medical marijuana users live on the Big Island. So, you know for a fact that none of them lied to get their permits? And your experience guarantees that legal marijuana users will never gravitate to alcohol, meth or other drugs like heroin?

Well, Andrea, here is what my 25 years of various law enforcement experience showed me. Users started with alcohol, then marijuana, then meth. I had well over 2,000 physical arrests and well over 3,000 investigations and/or interviews. I would say 85 percent involved substance abuse and one-third of that for each category of drug above.

You say a government-controlled marijuana product will not get to our youth. Are you saying that marijuana is not safe for children? You just said it will keep them away from other drugs. Are alcohol and prescription meds government-controlled? So kids never get to those, either?

Andrea, put a seat belt on your chair, clear the smoke, and think about what you wrote. My words are from factual experience.

Larry Moore


Thanks, Flossie

Thank you for disrupting the County Council hearing for Bill 79 to ban GMO crops on the Big Island. This bought some time for our leaders to review what is happening on Kauai with Bill 2491.

I hope that our mayor and council members were able to listen to hours of passionate testimony from residents who are actually living a nightmare. Tears welled up in my eyes several times, as I heard about health problems and parents who were worried about their children’s future.

Many doctors testified about the dramatic rise of birth defects, cancer, autism, asthma and other problems related to the spraying of restricted-use pesticides. These end up in the water supply, in school yards and in the dust, which blows into people’s homes.

Most of the crops are for seed corn, which is then shipped to farmers elsewhere. I feel for the farmers who are worried about losing their jobs. They may want to take a look at global trends and realize the world will be looking for organic, non-GMO crops that are not drenched with pesticides.

The Big Island is still mostly pure. We have this one chance to keep it that way. Please consider human health over corporate wealth.

Edie Bikle


Make good choices

I never knew how busy our local police department is in solving crimes until I recently signed up with their email and text alerts.

Now my email alert goes off multiple times a day with news about home invasions, missing people, DUI and drug possessions, illegal gambling, robberies, carjacking, firearms flashed at people, and bodies found — all messages within the last month, and all crimes happening during normal daylight hours.

I guess I was underestimating the local police. Most guys were caught pretty fast after the crime occurred. I am happy our police are getting a raise — they deserve it. Hopefully, our politicians will get busy as well, changing things for the better quickly and as effectively.

These types of crimes, I would imagine, originate in poverty and a lack of educational opportunities. I am hoping this island becomes more peaceful and safe for each one of us through wise decision-making in the future.

Karin Riedel



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