Saturday | April 25, 2015
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Your Views for August 7

Faster horses

As someone who is now officially a senior citizen, it is gratifying to see so many young people stepping up to seek public office this year. From Congress to County Council, we have an impressive array of young people willing to serve their country.

Every generation has a certain apprehension about the ability of succeeding generations to measure up, but they always do.

I am energized by the possibilities these young people present, with abilities I do not even fully understand. I for one choose to embrace the future rather than fear it.

The problems we face today are no greater than those that faced Roosevelt’s generation, or Kennedy’s, but new faces emerge with new ideas and the raw energy to tackle those problems. This is the history of mankind, and so it will also be our future.

When my grandfather was a young man some hundred-plus years ago, transportation was a growing problem. All of the experienced men of the time debated and concluded the solution was to develop faster horses. At the back of the room sat a young Henry Ford.

Michael Mentnech


Defending Safeway

In response to “Sky-high prices” by Frank Battaglia (Tribune-Herald, Aug. 4): Look around, you live on an island. Everything is more expensive because it has to be shipped in.

Why aren’t you complaining about Matson and Young Brothers? They keep raising their prices so the stores have to pass it on to us. Of course people on the mainland pay lower prices on things because they don’t live in paradise.

It sounds to me like you have a personal problem with Safeway. Look around at other supermarkets and see their prices are high as well. Safeway at least has a lot of BOGOs — “buy one, get one” — which increases your purchase power as well as reducing your shopping bill. Safeway also has “Just for U,” where you get a coupon center and personalized deals which can save you a lot of money … . If you’re so worried about spending money, look at the ads in the Tuesday paper and shop for your best deals.

Personally, I enjoy going into a store that is kept very clean, has well-stocked shelves and employees who are very friendly and helpful. If you don’t like Safeway, fine — go somewhere else and shop. Nobody is forcing you to shop there, but demeaning a store’s reputation in a public forum because you have a problem is just plain petty and vindictive.

If something is too expensive, I just won’t buy it until it goes on sale. Or, if another store has it cheaper that day, I’ll go there. However, just because a person like you has a personal problem (with Safeway), that won’t stop me from shopping there and getting a lot of good deals to fill my fridge and pantry.

Sonny Dukes

Hawaiian Shores


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