Thursday | July 28, 2016
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Your Views for December 1

Don’t upset the king

Behind King Kamehameha’s golden caped back, in the glowing green field that is home to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Wailoa State Park, the litter is getting worse, more unsightly and unnecessary.

Why don’t folks put their refuse into the trash barrels located … WHERE?! There are no trash receptacles at Wailoa State Park. How can this be?

A few years ago, I once counted five — too many, I thought (but there was no litter to be seen). Now, there are no barrels. NONE. Count them!

When the Great One gets a glimpse of what’s going on behind his back: HUHU LOA! Who’s in charge?

Tomas Belsky


Paid to nap?

On Thanksgiving day, I was heading west on Kalanianaole Avenue, through the road construction area. As usual, there was a police officer in a car parked next to the road. I have seen officers sitting in their cars, using their phones and laptops, and hoped they were doing police-related work, as they are being paid with taxpayer dollars.

This day, the officer I saw was sleeping! I circled the block to drive by again, figuring I must be wrong. But, sure enough, his head was back, eyes closed like the first time. I parked nearby, walked up to his vehicle, and standing next to his open window, took some pictures of him sleeping. “Click-click” — yet he never stirred. He was totally out. I woke him up, and he admitted, with an embarrassed grin, that he’d been taking a nap.

Lots of people had to work on Thanksgiving day — many at $8-an-hour jobs, standing on their feet all day, dealing with people. How much did we pay this officer, at holiday pay, to sleep?

The Hilo Police Department’s website includes the following: “committed to providing the highest quality of police service,” “achieve public satisfaction,” “safeguard lives and property,” “constantly mindful of the welfare of others,” “exemplary in obeying the regulations of my department.”

Please, let me know when you have an opening in your nap-enforcement division. I’d like to apply.

Chris Toomey


What about oath?

Regarding Pradeepta Chowdhury’s letter (Nov. 23, Tribune-Herald): Mr. Chowdhury, I have re-read your letter again, very carefully, and it is still insulting. Those items you mention were used before the election to boost the Democrats’ chance of re-election. They were used in a negative way, as is your letter. Personally, I would say that the party that did not want God mentioned in their party platform is the party that has lost its way.

You, as a doctor, must have taken the Hippocratic Oath — or, as it is now called, the Doctors Oath. In this oath, doctors are pledged not to harm anyone.

In your letter you state, “as to Indian hashish: It is arguably the best in the world. Regrettably, it is presently unavailable in the United States.”

From your personal knowledge that Indian hashish is the best, it must be a letdown to only have regular pot available. Would not the promotion of hashish and pot be against your oath? The use of these drugs lead to using more potent drugs, which leads to death.

Vernon King



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